What does The TradeXchange Offer?

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Access to The TradeXchange Service
(NewsDesk, Squawk & Daily Analytics)

Information Provided:

– Unusual option activity
– Out of the box reports
– Insider and company SEC Filings
– Smart-filtered social media headlines
– Volatility, volume and block trade alerts
– Trader and desk circulations algo
– Geo-political information
– Macro economics headlines
– Real-time economic data
– Technical analysis

Daily Analytics:

Morning Mash-Up: Newsletter sent out at 730AM (Information from 4pm-7am)

Provides information of what happens after hours of 4PM and premarket before 930AM

  • Provides economic calendar
  • Pre market data
  • SEC Filings
  • Company specific meetings
  • Top analyst activity
  • Overnight/pre market company press releases
  • Pre market most active/movers
  • Earnings data

Market Wrap-Up: Newsletter sent out at 5pm (Information from 930AM-4PM)

Information for everything after the trading day and pre market

  • Economic data and economic break down for the following day
  • Daily recap/earnings for following day
  • Top 10 losers and gainers for the trading day (what stocks moves the most/least)
  • Social media headlines + desk chatter
  • SEC filings
  • Press releases
  • Unusual option activity

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